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Whispering Pines

Turnkey Transportation Solutions
The city of Latexo called on Crockett Sand and Gravel to do more than just deliver the highest quality limestone road base and oversize rock for much needed street repairs. CSG crews also spread, rolled and compacted these materials into a long lasting turnkey solution that gets the maximum mileage out of every budget dollar.

Whispering Pines

Corrigan Pipeline Project
Crockett Sand and Gravel provided 117,000 cubic yards of select fill to Michels Corporation to ensure safety and security for a major energy pipeline project near Corrigan in nearby Polk County

Whispering Pines

Stabilizing the Oil Boom
Crockett Sand and Gravel contributed to American Energy Independence by providing Wilks Masonry with 11,000 tons of cement stabilized base for an all-weather parking and staging area for an oilfield truck yard south of Crockett in Houston County

Whispering Pines

Workin' on the Railroad
Crockett Sand and Gravel supplied T.G. Mercer Consulting with some 15,000 cubic yards of Select Fill and another 3,000 tons of Cement Stabilized Base to expand a rail spur south of Crockett to enable the unloading of pipe for the lates pipeline project in the growing Houston County Area

Whispering Pines Better Barn Floors on a Budget
For a stronger, cleaner floor without the cost of concrete we milled, mixed, dumped and rolled Cement Stabilized Pit Run Base in Chuck Cunningham's barn. One of our many affordable Pug Mill Blends.

Whispering Pines Beautiful Drive Home
Richard and Denise Gunnels of Lovelady chose oversized river rock as the material of choice for a beautiful, durable, economical driveway. It's just one of the many customized solutions we can provide for any project, and any budget. Call us for a better way to solve yours.

Whispering Pines Work and Play
Premier championship courses such as Whispering Pines, Elkins Lake, Raven’s Nest and Pine Dunes depend on Crockett Sand & Gravel to produce and haul Greensmix, Top-dress and Trap Sand that meet USGA specifications, and exceed the expectations of serious golfers.

Whispering Pines Protecting Houston County Citizens
J.E. Kingham Construction  relied on CSG for the more than 20,000 yards of select fill as the solid base upon which our sister company Houston County Ready Mix poured more than 4,500 yards of concrete to lay the foundation for the new Houston County Justice Center in Crockett to enhance the ability to protect area citizens.

expert operators Who Ya Gonna Call to Haul?
Highlands, Texas based Curry Equipment Rental and Excavation had the raw material, but needed our expert operators and specialized equipment to lay the groundwork for a new Valero facility in Onalaska.           

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