About Us

Founded as Holsey Bros. Sand & Gravel in 1951, the Holsey brothers believed that lasting business relationships could ONLY be built on the solid foundation of superior customer service. Years have passed and to this day Lee Holsey operates his businesses upholding the Holsey family commitment to consistent quality and trustworthy delivery.

Crockett Sand and Gravel is able to quarry raw materials from a 2,000 acre site on the Trinity River. With our fleet of trucks, source to site delivery capabilities has paved the way for Crockett Sand & Gravel to become the premier source for aggregate materials in East Texas.

Crockett Sand & Gravel provides source to site delivery on a comprehensive range of construction aggregates servicing contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

Markets change and methods improve, but superior customer service and quality product you can count, that's the Holsey family promise.

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