Alternative to Asphalt and Limestone Base

Crockett Sand & Gravel offers a cost effective alternative to asphalt for cost-effective roads.  Our pug milled stabilized base products are a mixture of aggregate material combined with cement and water that hardens after compaction to form a sturdy construction paving material. Cement-stabilized base is widely used as a base for oil field pads, pipe bedding, dams, roads, parking areas, storage/barn areas and erosion control applications. 

Stabilized Concrete Sand – much like concrete, this product is predominately used as backfill for retaining walls and storm sewer drainage.

Cement Stabilized Base Material - like stabilized concrete sand, pit run is more of a mixture of sand & rock milled for a compacted road surface

Limestone Stabilized Base – a mixture of our popular limestone road base material blended with cement milled for a compact, white rock road material

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