USGA Top Dressing

Crockett Sand & Gravel USGA Top Dressing Sands & Greens Mix

Topdressing is the application of a USGA spec top dressing sand over the surface of turfgrass after aeration and has become standard in golf course management. Click here for a link on recent USGA recommendations to golf course care.  It has been noted that greens that are not topdressed have poorer turf quality, they become thatchy and can result in short ball-roll distances. 

USGA spec Greens Mix Sand is primarily used in construction of greens on new project or reconstruction of existing courses.  Check out the Champion’s Golf Club at Cyress Creek aerial video, that’s Crockett Sand and Gravel material used as base material for green bunker restoration project 2018! 

Crockett Sand & Gravel is proud that our USGA Top Dressing Sand and Greens Mix is making the game of golf in Texas more competitive on well-manicured courses.  Contact us today at 936-545-1021 for more information on our specialty topdressing mixture.

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